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Sundo & Emma

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         In the ethereal mist of a fog-kissed morning, Emma and Sundo embarked on a love-filled journey at San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts. Wrapped in the delicate embrace of the fog, they exchanged vows, their promises echoing through the timeless columns. The air was filled with whispers of love as they ventured to Baker Beach, hand in hand, capturing moments of pure joy against the backdrop of the Golden Gate Bridge. The photographer immortalized their laughter and stolen glances, creating a visual symphony of their union. In the embrace of fog and love, Sarah and Michael’s wedding day became a cherished tale etched in memories.



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Vitalii Brunza, a maestro behind the lens, captures the essence of love with precision and artistry. As a wedding photographer, I freeze moments into timeless memories, weaving the narrative of each couple’s unique journey.



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