My name is Vitalii Brunza

Welcome to the captivating world of Brunza’s Photo, where moments are not just captured but transformed into timeless masterpieces. With a rich and illustrious decade of experience, I am Vitalii Brunza, a seasoned wedding photographer renowned for my unique perspective and unparalleled skill in freezing the magic of matrimonial celebrations in time.

At Brunza’s Photo, my artistry extends beyond the click of the shutter. I am distinguished for my adept use of styled editing presets, elevating each photograph to a work of art that tells a story. This signature touch adds a distinctive allure to the visual narrative, creating a collection of images that resonate with emotions and convey the essence of your special day.

Having documented over 200 weddings, my lens has witnessed the spectrum of love, joy, and connection that defines each union. Based in the heart of Sacramento, I am honored to call Northern California my canvas. Whether against the iconic cityscape or amidst the breathtaking natural landscapes, I have the privilege of turning your wedding into a visual symphony.

At Brunza’s Photo, my commitment is not just to capture moments, but to craft an everlasting testament to your love story. Let me be your storyteller, weaving the chapters of your wedding day into a narrative that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Vitalii Brunza Wedding Photographer

Vitalii Brunza, a maestro behind the lens, captures the essence of love with precision and artistry. As a wedding photographer, I freeze moments into timeless memories, weaving the narrative of each couple’s unique journey.



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