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Artur & Alexandra

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Surrounded by the vibrant hues of autumn, Artur and Alexandra embarked on a picturesque journey of love at the Leland Stanford Mansion in Sacramento. With their closest friends by their side, the couple radiated joy against the backdrop of Capitol Park. The streets adorned in warm fall colors set the stage for a mesmerizing wedding photo session, capturing the essence of the season’s romance. As the couple exchanged vows, nature mirrored their happiness with falling leaves, a poetic dance that echoed the beginning of a beautiful chapter. In the heart of downtown Sacramento, love blossomed amid the splendor of autumn’s embrace.



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Vitalii Brunza, a maestro behind the lens, captures the essence of love with precision and artistry. As a wedding photographer, I freeze moments into timeless memories, weaving the narrative of each couple’s unique journey.



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